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Friday, October 16, 2020 at 8:15:55 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time

**Before anyone else messages and lowballs, no this ISN'T the same block you can get from LSXPP for $4300! They are std bore LSX blocks check the part numbers.**


Brand new LSX block, still in crate.

GM Part no: 19260095


19260095 LSX Production Finished (Standard Deck) Bare Block


4.065" bore

Fully CNC machined

Deck plate honed

Align-honed main bearings

Deck height 9.240" (production) 

Billet-steel main caps

Includes all hardware

Used in LSX376 crate engine


Reference Specs:


Origin: LSX

Material: Iron 

Deck Height: 9.240” 

Bore: 4.065” 

Main Cap Material: 1045 Steel 

Crank Journal Diameter: Standard LS 2.56” 

Oiling: Wet or Dry 

Rear Main Seal: 1 Piece 

Maximum Stroke: 4.25” 

Maximum Horsepower: 1500  

Usage: Street / Pro




Delivering the seemingly impossible combination of professional racing-level strength and entry-level affordability, the LSX Bowtie Block is the next revolution in high-performance engine-building. This durable iron-block casting is based primarily on GM’s production LS7 block, but designed with more material in key areas – including a thicker deck and bores – to support displacements of 454 cubic inches or more, and unique six-bolts-per-cylinder-head-clamping capability that enables forced-induction and nitrous combinations of greater than 2,000 horsepower.Because the LSX Bowtie block is based on production LS blocks, all of the LS-Series Gen IV cylinder heads, crankshafts, oil pans, camshafts, and accessories bolt right up to it. There is also a tall-deck version for building even larger engines. Chevrolet Performance delivers the LSX Bowtie Block semi-finished, allowing you to finish it to your needs. Whether you’re building a “tame” 500-horse street engine for your hot rod or a 1,700 horsepower turbo engine for an Outlaw drag racer, the LSX Bowtie Block is the foundation for an unbeatable combination – at an unbeatable price!


LSX Bowtie Block specs and features include:


CNC-machined cast-iron block

True priority main oiling

6-head bolts per cylinder

Standard 4.400" bore spacing

Extra-thick siamese cylinder bores

Semi-finished, machined thicker decks

LS7-style, 6-bolt dowel-located billet main bearing caps

Wet-sump and dry-sump oiling capability

Production-style deep-skirt head bolt holes

Production bolt hole and thread sizes

Maintains production exterior accessory mounting provisions

Front motor plate mounting holes added

Additional material cast around cam bearings for greater strength

8mm exterior/interior fifth- and sixth-head bolt holes

Standard 0.842" lifter bores

Accommodates all LS oil pumps and oil pans

External oil pump feed (rear of block) 

Main web bay-to-bay breathing holes to support greater horsepower

Includes unique cam retainer, rear cover and lifter retainers 


For the advanced LSX competition engine builder, you will fully enjoy the following features of the new LSX Bowtie Block:


Front oil feed holes can be plugged/restricted for mechanical flat tappet or mechanical roller lifter applications

Can be machined safely to 9.200" deck height

Maximum 4.200" bore at .200" minimum wall thickness (naturally aspirated applications) 

Head bolt holes can be machined for 1/2" studs

Cam bores can be machined to accept 60mm roller bearings

Can be machined for larger diameter lifters and/or 1.060" bronze bushings

Front oil feed lines can be plugged and external oil pump and/or aftermarket dry sump systems can be used via oil pump feed at rear of block – may be required with certain large stroke/aluminum rod combinations

Belt cam drive systems can be accommodated – some machining will be required

Front motor plate can be used for racing chassis applications (sprint car, drag racing, truck pulling, etc.). 

Threaded water plugs can be used for external heaters or coolers

Extra stock for main bearing align-honed

400 mPa tensile strength iron